Senator Tom Cotton

In less than a decade, Senator Tom Cotton has established himself as one of the most important voices on American foreign policy. First in the US House, and now in his second term in the Senate, Cotton has helped shape policy to support the critical role of the United States in global affairs. In doing so, he has advanced Hudson Institute’s core mission of promoting American leadership for a secure, free, and prosperous future.

A native of Dardanelle, Arkansas, and graduate of Harvard and Harvard Law School, Senator Cotton left a career in law after the September 11 attacks to serve our country in the US Army instead of pursuing a promising career in the private sector. Tom then served nearly five years on active duty in the Army as an infantry officer—including on two combat tours, first as a platoon leader in the elite 101st Airborne Division in Iraq, and a second in eastern Afghanistan. During his service, Cotton was awarded a Bronze Star and two Army Commendation Medals.

Following his election to Congress in Arkansas’ Fourth District, Cotton served on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, quickly becoming a leader on key foreign policy issues. Elected to the Senate two years later and holding seats on the Armed Services and Select Intelligence Committees, Cotton has arguably been the most prominent advocate in Congress for legislation that strengthens the United States and ensures the nation remains indispensable. Moreover, Senator Cotton has long warned Americans about threats from key adversaries—including Iran, Russia, and China—and has sponsored and supported legislation to counter their malign influence.

The Herman Kahn Award is presented annually to individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership in service of the principles at the core of Hudson’s mission: advancing democracy, free markets and economic growth, innovation, national security, and a strong civil society. Hudson Institute is excited to present Senator Cotton with its Herman Kahn Award, whose recipients include Ronald Reagan, Henry Kissinger, Shinzo Abe, Mike Pence, and other distinguished individuals.

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